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moving borders organizes, promotes, advises, and creates scenic processes for the professional dance community. Under the motto "scene without borders," it seeks to reinterpret and reconceptualize both the creative process and the scenic fact from the commitment to the socio-cultural context.


The moving borders projects seek to build a dialogue between traditional aesthetics and their reconstruction in the present; thus generating risky and experimental proposals that show the expressive potential of Latin American contemporary dance worldwide. It promotes collaborative work between creators from different disciplines and latitudes, through processes that are developed from the collective. It organizes and advises events of multiple formats that seek to relate to different communities, encouraging the creation of networks as a way to strengthen the routes of scenic mobility, creating synergies between the scenic community and governmental institutions. It seeks to be a platform for the promotion of emerging artists, as well as young cultural mediators in connection with creators of a wide trajectory.


moving borders is a platform of shared imaginaries that seeks to build scenarios of human compatibility.


Works have been produced in collaboration with artists from Germany, Colombia, Czech Republic, and Mexico. 

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